A good place to start sampling Dubai’s night-life is ‘The Apartment Lounge and Club’ located at the Jumeira Beach hotel. It is here that Dubai’s ‘bold and beautiful’ meet for a drink, with great music, mostly ‘old-school’ underground. Be smart though; they won’t let you in if you are in sandals or shorts, in spite of the hot weather.

Another remarkable, if somewhat expensive place is the Trilogy Night Club, at Souk Madinat Jumeira, with three levels and a total capacity of more than 1900 people. The music here varies, but is mostly modern – funk, drum and bass and the such. It is an exclusive place though, and definitely not for someone on a shoestring budget.

If you are tired of Dubai’s grandiosity, and want to enjoy your pint in a down-to-earth pub, then you could do well to give the ‘Double Decker’ bar a visit. Here you can imbibe your drink as you watch your favorite home team playing on satellite TV here. The dress code is quite relaxed here, though they still won’t let you in shorts or sandals.

If you wish to see the latest blockbusters in the movie scene, then a good place to be is at Lamcy Cinema near the Lamcy Plaza, or the Grand Metroplex near the Metropolitan Hotel. There is also a great movie theater at the Plaza Bur Dubai, and many more.

If you are a theater enthusiast, you can sample Dubai’s performances at Dubai Community theater and Arts Center, an ultra-modern performing facility with a capacity for more than 500 with an interesting variety of local and international shows.

Whatever your tastes in nocturnal activity, Dubai is sure to have something for you, albeit with a few regulations here and there.