Many companies regard the CISSP certification as a requirement for their technical, mid-management, and senior IT managementpositions. Achieving the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) — the world’s global securitycertification standard — proves high proficiency in foundation security disciplines.Offered through (ISC)², the world’s leading international security certification organization, the exam’s stringent criteriasets the benchmark for … Read more

Achieving ISO 27001 Certification Program empowers you to successfully certify your organization against ISO27001 through a robust security system. Often, mere compliance to a framework may not mean reduced risk forthe organization. In order to deliver full advantage of the management system, drill-down level of techniques andtools need to be deployed to ensure complete and … Read more

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The main spoken language in Dubai is Arabic, but the English speaker is not likely to have much trouble here, as it is also widely spoken here. The unit of currency is Dubai is the Dirham is the UAE Dirham, and there are many Forex bureaus in town. It won’t hurt to compare rates for … Read more

Climate-wise, Dubai is a hot desert. The days are rather hot, and you will need light clothing, whereas the nights are colder and call for warmer attire. Now the lighter clothing for the daytime can get rather tricky, especially for ladies, since they have to conform to certain standards of ‘decency’. A good cap will … Read more

Whether you are traveling to Dubai on business or for pleasure, keeping these few handy tips in mind could save you from a lot of inconvenience – and make your trip a greater pleasure. If you have the time, make your travel arrangements well in advance. Flights to Dubai are often booked to capacity, and … Read more

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Then there is the city’s diversity, a very unique feature in the Arab world. Dubai is one of the few cities with a smaller population of natives than visitors. In Dubai, only 17% of the population is native, with the rest being visitors and expatriate workers of all hues and accents, making a truly attractive … Read more

Dubai’s tourism sector has been experiencing constant growth over the years, with the city receiving more than 5 million visitors annually. There are over 120 different airlines operating into and out of Dubai, with flights to over 260 destinations all over the world. One of Dubai’s main attractions is the city itself, built as it … Read more